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Regulate Moon Cycles  innerMaps

EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. This GuptKranti (Great innerEvolution) will not be televised. It takes place in inter-dimensional space. Yoga is a process of psyche purification to rid the body-mind of the Karmic causes of suffering. This is radical inner-work. Hatha Yoga is but one arm of Yoga. The 8 appendages (Ashtang) of Yoga are not linear, practice is unique to each Sadhaka. Did you know that there is a specialized Yoga for Menstruators? Yoga for Maasik Chakra (Moon Cycle) is a vital embodied part of my innerYajnya teachings  and has been my area of expertise for 22 years. The guidance of a qualified, experienced Teacher guides you drive your own vehicle by feeling the innerMaps,.

– Acharya Niradhara  aka  Tigerwalla Amma -

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